Can you guys help me with my eyeliner?

I just recently started using make up and it looks great except for one thing and that being that my liquid eyeliner keeps crumpling up and shrinking on my eyelid. It also peels off throughout the day. I would use pencil, but I have tried that and even though it says it is black it turns out brown on my eyelids. I like my eyeliner very black and dark, I like it that way so my eyelashes obviously look a lot darker. I have green eyes that are somewhat small.. Do you know what kind of eyeliner I should use? and any tips?


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  • That one poster about Stila is 100% right. That one is my favorite. I also use the Marc Jacobs liquid eyeliner and the Urban Decay 24/7 liquid liner. Those 3 will all do the trick. Personally, I think you can do with the Stila, it may seem expensive but it lasts you for a while.

    Another thing to try is gel eyeliner. That gives you super black results. I believe Maybelline makes a really good gel liner.


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