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Septum piercings?

I have a septum ring [its a piercing between your nostril's] and I thought it was cute when I got it my boy friend at the time said it was got. But... Show More

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  • I think it depends a lot on the girl and the type of look and personality that she has. If she's a punk style, then I think it fits great and looks good. If she's an A&F kind of girl, it looks out of place and like she's trying too hard for attention.

What Guys Said 12

  • IMHO piercings are gross.

  • It usually reminds me of bulls which isn't a good thing

  • I think it looks really stupid, but if you do have one, I think it looks much better with a pincher or crescent than a circular barbell.

  • No such thing as a an attractive piercing

  • Personally, I find them insanely hot as long as they are not overbearing. Makes you stand out a bit more to me and not so norm. But then again I like most piercings on females.

  • its not cute...it reminds me of cows right before being slaughtered ...yep

  • It attracts attention to your nostrils. Not the place most guys want to look. We normally look at eyes lips, nose SHAPE, not the nostril's. It's not all that feminine either. or cute.

  • I think it's hot! Of course, a septum piercing is a little more extreme than most facial piercings. If you're into piercings, you probably also wan't a guy that like stuff like that. If not, I guess the guys will not like it. I know I dig it when girls got septum piercings(and other piercings). Stop thinking 'bout what the guys think. I bet you look hot with it!

  • I think is lovely looking on a girl, and makes her more interesting. It's true, sadly not all people can see beauty on piercings, and have somekind of short-minded difficulties. But you have to pay the price ;). I have piercings too.

  • i think they look great but sometimes look weird on some people

  • No at all. other piercings are nice but piercing the septum just reminds me of African Natives with bones in their noses.

What Girls Said 4

  • I love piercings but I think septum piercings look better on people who don't have much else going on! I think you're really pretty and it distracts from the pretty!

  • Im not a guy, but I just don't think its that...pretty..or feminine. It honestly remind me of a bull. No offence intended just my honest opinion. I saw your picture, maybe not something that...big and bold, something smaller? more defined? I don't know that's just my opinion.

  • I think it looks good on some people. But other times, you could look like a bull.

  • I'm a girl xD. But I think it's hot when people have piercings. Even on girls too. If the guy your talking to doesn't like it. Then you could always hide it, Just take it by your fingers and put it in your nose.

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