Girls do you like facial hair on Guys? If so what type do you like? or do you like clean-shaven guys?

I am a 21 year old guy, I shave regularly, I am able to grow a beard and mustache, for a while even up until now, I always like myself clean shaven, with no facial hair at all, and my facial hair grows back pretty fast, I shave like once every 2-3 days, anyway, I'm wondering if I should let my facial hair grow, or try a different style of facial hair. Anyway, I would like to know the opinions on what type of facial hair do girls find attractive on guys? Do you like clean-shaven, no facial hair at all? do you like a goatee?

What styles of facial hair do you like?
I am trying to get a make-over, I don't have any close friends who are girls, so I don't know what type of facial hair I should get.
Am I going to get anymore responses?


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  • I'm partial to scruff and 5 o'clock shadow.

    • Do you know of any website that shows the styles of facial hair? all of my friends are guys, so I don't have any friends who are girls that can help me give me a make-over.

    • Http://


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  • I personally hate facial hair (and underarm hair.. ick!... its a total pet peeve). A little bit of stubble can be attractive, and works if you don't like / have time to shave every day. But its no fun to kiss a guy with a lot of stubble or facial hair, it tends to give my skin a rash aha.

  • No moustaches! Just beards but no the long ones five o clock shadow or maybe a really really low goatee would do the trick.

  • in my personal opinion I hate facial hair. I think it makes a guy look like a pervert or just ugly. I like clean shaven guys with short hair.

    • Nothing against you, but I've got a finely trimmed beard, and don't consider myself a pervert. And I'm a far-cry from being ugly- If facial hair is grossly unkempt, it's definately ugly then-

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  • I know you wanted girls opinions of beards but this may help.

    Take a look at this site they have a lot of styles.