Is it cool to be skeptical?

Probably not. Like I have a wandering mind. I try to not let it, cause obviously it doesn't really help anything. But my girl and I are separated by a state. We talk daily, and today she's have a male friend come over and hang out. She said she has no attraction to this guy in any way, and tells me to call her later. I joke with her about not interrupting her and her boyfriend. Anyway I tried calling, twice. And she hasn't answered. Its almost 10pm. She's usually good about answering the phone and/or calling back. Man I'm an idiot for being skeptical, but how would you feel?


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  • Know what? You have every right to be skeptical. Same exact thing happened to me and guess what? The guy was cheating and eventually stayed with that other girl because she was closer, easier to get some from whenever he had an itch he couldn't scratch. Be wary. When you're in a relationship where some things are a standard, a constant, like you have precise times for phone calls and that starts changing, something is not right. I'd be worried. Listen to your gut instinct, that usually never lies. I say, go out and surprise her with a visit, see how she reacts. Try and meet this guy and check out the vibe for yourself. Don't attack her, it really might all be an innocent friendship but you have to confirm things. Can't keep living with doubts, it's not healthy for the relationship.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. She might just be busy, that doesn't necessarily mean she is with another guy. You should be more trusting. Also, she her phone could be on silent, vibrate, etc. There are so many other reasons she might not be calling back yet, so don't stress out.

  • Being a state away, I would feel very helpless in your shoes. If she was just in a neighboring town, you could have driven over to check on her. Have you ever met this male friend before or has she ever mentioned him? Do you trust her? Do you think she would cheat on you? What is your gut telling you? I wouldn't jump to conclusions unless she has a history of this or she doesn't call you back soon. Maybe the male is gay and they went shopping or just out to grab a bite.


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  • It sounded like she was testing the waters with a new guy, and told you about it so she wouldn't feel guilty. Normally long distance relationships are doomed to failure. The only way it can work is if you eventually plan to be together in the same area. Absence makes the heart wander, not grow fonder.

    She could have been honest about not being into this guy, but why would she have him over? Was it only him, or was he bringing a girlfriend with him? I would be skeptical as well.