How do guys rate girls?

well I found out the guy that likes me rated me a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 of course 10 being the kinda bugs me now I know I'm not a 10 but I say an 8 not a 7...what do you guys consider a 7 is that good or what...?


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  • Well I can't speak for all guys but for me personally anything above an 8 has to be pretty damn fine. Its just a large leap from 7-8. I bundle 8-9 since they can't really differ that much. and a 10 is to each his own. So just think of it as the 2nd highest rating he can give you.

    Also if I had a girl I liked, I wouldn't tell her I thought of her that highly because as it seems the tactic worked and now you keep thinking about how you're "not good enough" and will be on him trying to prove you're worth a higher grade. So don't trip, I'll call you a 10 :)

    • "Also if I had a girl I liked, I wouldn't tell her I thought of her that highly"

      I would probably do the same thing lol.

    • Lol yea I guess he had a good idea seein as I've been thinking bout it ever since I found out yesterday

    • Lol I think people do it becuz it makes yu wnat them mor-=d

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  • it depends on the guy. Some guys are pickier than others, so they might rate what I rate a 7 as a 5 or 4, so it really depends on him. you could just ask what he rates other girls if you don't mind knowing, but if it bothers you then I wouldn't suggest it. He might be pickier and for most guys you might be a 8 or 9.

    It might also be, as someone mentioned, that he likes you and is embarrassed and doesn't want to show it.

    • Well he does like me but I don't think he knows I know

  • He obviously likes you but guys tend to think giving an 8 or higher comes off as desperate. Why even rate someone anyway? You like each other or you don't. I'd see it as a good thing though.

  • guys can be silly sometimes.. he might think that a 10 represents a back-of-the-mind celebrity crush. (but that's only a slim guess)

    being a 7. is being 3 away from perfect. and 6 away from ugly

    consider yourself a very valued girl. at least he was honest with you. :)

    • Well he actually didn't tell me he told a mutual friend of ours

    • Ohh that changes things...7 is still good. he could have said 3

  • WEEELLL, to be honest I use this 5 star rating system I found off some website before. It was for LOOKS ONLY though. A seven on the standard 1-10 scale is pretty hot. Look at the reality check bar. You'll see some of the hottest girls barely get to 6.7 And that some of the 9.8's aren't incredibly hot. Use that as a comparison

  • dump him.

    • Haha is it really that bad.....i gave him an 8

    • Yep, there's no way he shouldn't make you feel like HIS ten; even if you aren't.

  • If you're 7 or up you're alright. Think of it this way. 7 is a girl who's pretty/sexy... but a guy can look at her without really getting turned on. A guy will gradually be turned on when looking at an 8, easily turned on by a 9, and instantly turned on by a ten. Like I said, a 7 is pretty, but you don't necessarily trigger any excitement visually. Well, at least not with all your clothes on.

  • Usually, "cute girls" are 6-7, and sexy/beautiful/gorgeous start getting into 8/9's and super hot, whoa damns, are the 10's. That's just me.

  • Cassadee Pope would be a 6 and this woman, ( link would be a 7.

  • Don't worry about others rating! If you know you are beautiful then you are! Nobody can ever change that!

  • looks can be deceptive..I have seen a 10 drop to a 4 or 5 because of attitude and a 7 become a 10 because she has a great heart and personality! Looks fade ,personality stays!

  • 7 is good. lol. 10 is like, your clothes fit perfectly, you have perfect skin, height, weight, shape, eyes, smile, butt, legs, chest, etc. You don't see a whole lot of "10"s out there. lol

  • I notice a lot of guys are becoming less interested in your average good looking girl. More guys are making fun of women are losing respect for their sex. and are two examples.

  • First of all, looks are subjective

    Everybody has a different opinion; what you think of a 10 I might think of as a 6, and so on

    It is a good sign that you think highly of yourself (but not too conceited).

    Another question I would ask is how would you rate HIM? Do you think he's an 8? Does he think both of you are 7's? If so, then this is OK because it just means your different judgment scales--it's only a one-point difference! If he called you a 5 then it would be much more severe!

    Do either of you use half-points? You round up, he rounds down and you're a 7.5?

  • you are very pretty

  • anything above 5-6 is good.

  • i would take the 7 that means your very good looking anything above 6 is a good score

  • 7 is cute and kinda f***able

  • Here's the shallow man's rating system since only shallow men use rating systems lol

    nose - how straight it is with your face

    teeth- how even and white they are

    complexion- how zit free your face is

    hair- how much there is and how long it is on your head

    body- how tall are you some like shorter some like taller not going to say what I like and how great of shape you are in just like curves and no flabbyness also tells how healthy you are we like that:)

    boobs - if you have' em plump that's best, DD is overrated! just enough for a cleavage, if not isn't the end of the world or your sex life lol

    personality- if ur funny and sweet than some guys will over look most that crap since ur the sh*t and have a vagina:)

  • its all relative and objective. its based on opinions.

  • I try not 2 rate or at least let the person know because unless you know there personality you don't know that person 2 rate.

    Lots of guys just rate on looks. I rate on how they act first then the body then if they seen like a good match ask them out.

    If not then hang out with them but try 2 go after someone else you may have a chance with

    If more guys got 2 know the girl instead of just looking at what she has 4 him 2 enjoy the world would be diff but in this case its probally not.

    Like others said everyone is diff opinion but I don't the guy I would say if he rates you a 7 your probally (HOT) I would go out with a 7 any time if she had the right !PERSONALITY!

    NO one is a 10 untill you are in love with them and they love you back. no one is perfect so don't think about the scale think on how you 2 feel about each other if he is a good guy he will exept you 4 who you are now you say u'r a 8

    he says ur a 7 he thinks ur hot

    I would say I would not go anyone below a 5

    1 being you will kill them the next time you see them

    10 being you can't stop thinking about them not how hot you are think about that after yes looks are good you say he said you are 7 you are good on looks if you know him good and like him ask him out or if he is someone you don't really know meet him with a friend and hang out the average person can figure out if they like a person in less than 1 min...

    hope that helps if not sorry 4 making you read

  • no girl in my eyes is a ten cause that means they're perfect and perfection is impossible


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  • guys are so stupid and immature sometimes. I don't pay attention to guys but they pay attention to me. do they not have anything better to do?

  • This is how I think of it:

    1-The ugliest girl you could imagine

    2-Very unattractive

    3-Quite unattractive

    4-Slightly below average attractiveness

    5- Average attractiveness

    6-Slightly above average attractiveness

    7-Quite attractive

    8-Very Attractive

    9-Extremely attractive

    10-The most attractive girl you could imagine

    The rating thing is completely based on personal opinion though. Some guy may think a girl is a 9, while another guy could think that that same girl is only a 4.

    I always thought guys considered the girls they liked 10's, but I may be wrong.

    • Lol that's what I thought that since he likes me he would rate me higher but I guys I was wrong too lol ....what bugs me is that I gave him an 8 and I only get a 7 haha

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    • Okay I said 8 because he's good looking he make me laugh! but he's immature never really seen him b serious and he might have a kid so tht knocks him down to an 8

    • Oh ok, well I guess then I was wrong when I said people consider the people they like 10's.

  • some people set their standards differently.

    a 7 in that guys eyes could be really high to

    him, when to you its okay but not where you

    want it to be. Don't let numbers get to your

    head. people just rate things differently...

  • you got to rate him!Let him hear you gve him a six lol. serious though

  • wow...looking at the guys comments it looks like theyre really into the whole rating thing. Kinda scared what I would be rated haha. Do you guys really rate so seriously?

    • Honestly, yes, it is a way for us to show off if you will, dating 6-10's can give certain guys pride, dating below a 5 is typically viewed as deperation.

    • I didn't know that- interesting. Girls (at least none I've known) don't really do that, but I guess its kind of an unspoken thing for us.

  • 7 is very good!

  • i think he's just saying that so he doesn't appear desperate and obvious he likes u...

    i don't think many people rate each other at all like that...u either like the person or you dont...simple=)

  • A 7 is saying that you are avg, ok and cute enough, just passed the attractive range