Why do guys check us out more when we look like crap?

My friend and I like to go on long bike rides into town. We live in a hilly region, so we're both sweaty and have messy hair by the time we get to where ever we're going in the town. Because we're best friends, we usually don't bother to wear make up around each other and don't put it on for the bike rides because we rarely see people we know. When we look like this, more guys check us out than when we look nice and take time to do our hair and make up. why? is looking like crap more attractive?


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  • It might be that you look your best when you're in a natural state, and all the make-up, hair products, nail paintings, and adornments are absolutely unnecessary. Though I don't think you'll come to accept it.


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  • this is one of a few subjects that women are completely backwards on.

    when you think you look "like crap" is when you actually look the most genuinely attractive.

  • it might because guys now days rarely see a girl the way she looks naturally and at least for me I like to see a girl every now and than without any makeup on. makeup does look good.

  • No, I think you just become more aware of people looking at you at those times when you think it's inopportune.


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  • idk but same thing happens 2 me...i was at da pool no make up and hadnt showered I looked like crap and these 2 really cute guys were tryin 2 talk 2 me...lol I got out of there fast