I've been invited to 90s party on this weekend. Ideas on what to wear?

Any ideas for girls and guys would be much appreciated as my guy friends not to sure what to wear outside of demin jacket and jeans


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  • That depressing moment when you realize people are having facetious parties themed about the prime years of your life...

    • Yeah dude, we are officially old. Be sure to regale your grandchildren with stories of wooden televisions, 8-bit graphics, cassette tapes, and corded house phones.

    • I don't understand how something can be revamped when I, at the grand age of 30, still have clothes I wore in the nineties which are now considered 'retro' ... I don't understand!!

    • Seriously. That's the younger generation for you. They think the world was weird until they showed up. But look at how we probably look at the 1970s. I was born in '79 but have no memories til the early 80s. I think back now on how 2004 seems like just yesterday to me, but in 1988, 1978 might as well have been the Ice Age. Your perception of years you were alive is just so different to the years you weren't. Now I watch old movies and see all these now-elderly people that were in their primes, and at that point, younger than I am now. Puts it all in perspective.

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  • bell bottoms
    platform heels
    those butterfly clips
    those tattoo chokers, or chokers in general =)

    the guys can wear flared jeans as well, I know my guy friends in high school wore them... not too "flared" though...

  • just dress like miley cyrus, she's got the shitty looking 90's style down perfectly. Or Google spice girls or all saints or tlc... Just go into a charity shop and find something there.

  • look at youtube... or google 90 dress styles

  • First of all describe your dress style a little
    And will it be 90's in general?