Why do my eyes look empty and dead?

They just look empty. I don't know why and it looks bad in photos. When I see this photo of my friend and me side by side, her eyes just look like they were smiling but mine just looked empty even though I was smiling. How do I fix it?

Some people say it's because of depression but I'm pretty sure I'm not depressed. I mean I'm quite happy most of the time but there's school stress and stuff though. Or is it just my eye color cause they are really dark, almost black, i can't see my iris. They look kinda creepy sometimes.


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  • Your eyes could be really dry... I have damaged eyes that dry out easily due to medication I was on that did horrible stuff to my body (was pretty much toxic stuff) and now my eye doctor has told me that I'll likely have to use eye drops for the rest of my life. I definitely notice a difference in the overall appearance of my eyes before I take eye drops and after. My eyes can look pretty dead if it hasn't been moisturized. I say give some moisture eye drops a go... it's pretty cheap and you have nothing to lose. But use them for a while before making a decision on whether they work or not.


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  • This usually has to do more with the entire expression on your face rather than your eyes, try different expressions in the mirror I guess.

    And I gotta say that really dark eyes where you can't see the iris are adorable on girls, like big dot eyes, lol.

  • It could just be your eyes. If they are as dark as you say, maybe coloured contacts would help.
    Or like Rail2k said. Try different expressions in the mirror. See if that does anything.

    Personally. Just love what you have. I'm sure you're the only one who thinks that of you.

    One time I was told I had the eyes of a homicidal maniac. LOL!

  • Do you watch a lot of TV? Shit like MTV, VH1, Reality TV, etc? That stuff will rot your spirit, and turn your mind into that of a reprobate.

    • Lol I don't watch tv, like ever. I only have 2 channels which are rlly boring -.- I think the only show I watch is agents of shield.

    • There's probably nothing wrong then. You are just being insecure about your eyes. Personally, I find really dark, almost black, irises to be very attractive and sexy.

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  • Stop this drama, maybe you don't have her eyes, but that doesn't mean that yours are ugly!! It's a lifestyle it's not just about pictures. Try to look at yourself in the mirror, take some so called selfies, but I'd rather recommend auto portraits, find your own beauty!!

  • everybody has different eyes, you should just accept how they are :)