Men's branded clothing? Hot or not?

I wear guys shirts (e. g. Harley Davidson shirts, honda shirts etc) when i go in the shop i go to the guys column and buy it. I like the look.. Its nice and comfy. Just only tops, the bottoms i would wear skinny jeans, or tights etc. I don't do this all the time.. Just have a thing for guy shirts? Is this a problem? Guys do you care?


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  • well iv got things that look like they could belong to a guy but i dont go into the mens section.
    i guess its not a problem, i totally agree, they look and feel great:) but also keep in mind that men like it when a women dresses in a feminine manner as well, so try to mix up ur style:)

    • Ok coolies.. Yeah i do, its just i either wear the shirts at home or when im doing the grocery shopping etc, not when i go out with friends or to a party. I definitely have the heels on and the dress.. Family outtings more of a smart casual outfit (skinny jeans, blouse, cardigan and flats) you know but yeah.. Ok coolies thanks :)

    • well yeah that sounds awesome:) id do something similar.
      no worries girl!

    • Sweet.. Thank you :)


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  • I like it when my gf wears my clothes to bed, especially if I'm coming home late and she says she wanted something of me to be with her. That being said, I'm not a fan of girls wearing guys shirts or hats out.

  • well personally i think its kinda hot but it will also makes people thinks that you already have someone
    well unless you already have a bf, if so then you should get the shirt from him
    cuz, he may think that some other guy gives you their clothes

  • I love it. Shows that you prefer comfort and it usually looks pretty cute.


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  • I wear guy stuff sometimes. It's just do big and comfy..