What's the best way you have ever gotten over a break-up?

Today, my boyfriend decided to break-up with me through a voice mail and I called my best friend and we went underwear shopping and got Cinnamon buns!

So what have you done to get over a break-up?


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  • i'm trying to get over this girl at the moment , we know each other for a while and she was a good friend , then she suddenly decided to leave my life by quiting her job and finding a bunch of new friends as well . so I'm trying to get over her , so far I've gone to a few bars/ nightclubs , ( where I have seen some other girls I'm interested in and actually talked to one of them a few nights ago , so I guess I'm trying to get over her by maybe dating this new girl or something like that when I see her again at that bar )

    i have also bought a few things , like a cd , food , had to buy a new computer as well cause my old one broke so sort of excited about that ,


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  • Go shopping, get a new look and let some cute guys flirt with you. It will make you feel great and allow you to see you don't need that old boyfriend.

    Oh yeah, and not having contact with the ex helps too.

  • Well the best thing you can do it's go out and flirt with other guys, maybe you can make up, with one of them. Anywasy, find a rebound guy