The way you sleep .

do you prefer wearing clothes when you go to sleep or do you like to just sleep naked ?

also , what would you prefer the opposite gender to do ?


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  • I sleep in boxers most of the time, except when its to hot and I just end up lying naked on top of my bed...My ex used to sleep topless and that was really hot, I guess anything that is revealing (aka not your grandmothers bathrobe) or showing off (not an XXXL jersey) is *hot*


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  • I will usually wear pajama pants and a t-shirt. But I would prefer sleeping in a t-shirt and my underwear but I have no privacy in this house so I don't. As for a guy, only boxers are hot but whatever he likes is fine.

  • I usually wear an over sized t shirt, and some shorts or sweat pants. I don't care what guys sleep in, whatever they think is comfortable I guess.