I think he wants only sex?

sorry some of the convo he and I had that I type here is kind of... I don't know, private, but I wanted to type it out so you can understand what he said to me and help me... thanks!

I've met a new guy recently and I think I know what he is after. at first he invited me to go get ice cream, and then said he was too busy. and then when I said okay that's fine, he was like "Well, how bored are you? I don't need to do my work" and I said okay, but then he cancelled ice cream and food because it was raining, so I went to his apartment a few days ago where we cooked some pasta and he offered wine (that I declined). we watched a movie then he kissed me and then attempted to lure me into his room by "being cute". I held out at first because I thought he was just trying to get me in there to have sex with me and I'm not gonna do that. so I eventually walk into the room and say "yeah I should probably get going, its kind of late" and he looks kind of sad and I forget what he says and then I go "i mean, I'm not that stupid. I just figured since the first time we met and fooled around I told you that I don't have sex on the first date, then you would just assume I would this time"

and he said no no I wasn't thinking that at all. "i was just trying to be cute and get you in my room to hang out. I wasn't even going to take your clothes off. I mean if you think I'm a creeper that's fine. we don't have to talk again after this because I don't want you to think I'm even more of a creeper. it would be like a mutual parting of ways."

fast forward 2 hours- we ended up kissing on his bed after just a long unrelated convo about his job or something and he started taking my clothes off even though he said he "wasn't even thinking about that" earlier! and then said something like, it's too bad you're out of commission for the week (due to monthly feminine needs), because I think you'd like it and I think you like me more than you're letting on..."

i mean seriously. sorry that's kind of private haha, but I need to know!

doesn't he sound like all he wants from me is sex? that's how I'm looking at it. I think I'm wasting my time. but I've agreed to see him again in 2 weeks when he gets back from vacation. I'm curious to see whether he takes me "out" instead of his place.


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  • Yes he wants sex (like pretty much any other guy on the planet) and it sounds like you're practically giving it. I mean, no offense, but when you end up on his bed with your clothes coming off that's not exactly showing him you don't have sex on the first date. Of course he is "playing coy" and pretending like he's not trying to get you to do anything, but he obviously is and it sounds like it's working.


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  • I don't think ALL he wants is sex--home-cooked dinner and ice cream isn't your average booty call--but sex is definitely in the picture for him. If it's out of the picture for you, then he needs to know, even if it will be a certain dealbreaker.


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  • Idk guys are so confusing. From reading it, I only think that all guys want sex and think about it all the time. Maybe things got kinda hot and heavy with the kissing and all and he wanted to go further because he was horny or something. Honestly, I think that if you guys hang out at this house next time he will probably be looking for more but you just have to set your boundaries with him and only do what you feel comfortable with. Guys are so damn slick lol...