Would you judge a girl by looks?

look, I am not trying to ask anyone out.

but boys-would you judge a woman by looks (weight, hair, clothing etc)


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  • I think it depends what kind of relationship the guy wants with her. If he wants to be her friend, of course he won't judge her for her looks (for the most part).

    But when it comes to a short relationship, that's when a male will care for looks. I think you were asking more if a guy will want to go out with a girl based on her looks. In that case, he most likely will, because the more attractive she is, the more proud of himself he is that he got someone hot to go out with him. That's the selfish and typical view.

    A guy judges the face first, then the body, then the personality, which sucks for 97% of actual average women that haven't had boob jobs or other types of plastic surgery. I think down the road the guy'll stop caring about looks LESS as he gets older.

    Weight: A guy will judge a women on weight if she is TOO big. But if she's at least 10-13 lbs overweight than it won't matter but other guys are attracted to the more vuluptious woman.

    Hair: It's a surprisingly big deal what good hair will do to your overall luck, especially for us guys. We will almost never be attracted to a women with hair like ours. It's not that hard of a thing to do your hair unless you're going from straight to curly. Guys just want length and touchability. At least wavy's fine. Curly hair though, it depends what the woman's other traits are so she might be able to pull it off.

    Clothing: A toughy, this can depend on the guy. Just don't dress like a 12 or a 40 year old. Dress your age and what fits the rest of your traits. One thing to NOT do is wear trendy ass clothes all the time because it shows you have little originality and the guy will think you're always gonna want new clothes. And don't try to dress like one of those fashion forward type of girls, guys (or at least me) will take it as a sign of her being arrogant. This is just my opinion though.

    Just know that the personality is the deal breaker. If you are "pretty" that doesn't mean he's going to like who you are, it just means he likes what you look like.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yes, everyone does, whether you consciously know it or not.

  • to an extent...but I wouldn't get all caught up in that cause. you do not want to alter your appearance in a way that may catch the attention of guys who'd just like to use you.


What Girls Said 2

  • 2honestly tell you de truth yezzz...becazz you can tell wat kind of person she iz by de way she present herself..lik 4 ex a person personailty tend 2 change de way dat they look...i can defintely tell a bitch from de min i c her face...why?cazz her personailty changes her face...

  • Everyone is judged by their looks.