Girls, do you want to make some good money selling things? What do you think of this?

Take a look at this Ebay auction that ended:


It's a pair of trashed women’s Converse chucks. Can you believe the price they sold for, in well-worn, dirty condition? There’s a reason for that. With those grimy insoles, they look really stinky and they probably are, with the well-infused smell of a girl’s feet, probably worn all the time without socks. Lots of guys with foot fetishes find this smell a turn on, and they’re ready to pay top dollar for smelly chucks like these or Vans, and other popular brands. There’s definitely a consumer base for these kinds of worn-out ladies shoes..

Sounds like an easy way for a girl to make money from your old sneakers or flats or whatever. Or you can get you friends’ trashed sneakers or flats, that are trashed and sell them online. It looks like this seller has a business doing just that. It seems that if they look smelly, they sell.

What do you think? An easy way to make money?


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  • I sell all my stuff online regularly but stopped on ebay because they kept charging my for no rreasonwhen it says its free with no insertion fees but I made alottt of money by doing it especially buying stuff in the sale and and selling them foe the original price

  • I'm not sure I'd be comfortable doing that knowing someone would get off on my shoes... but maybe I'd go to the thrift shop and pick up some worn in shoes...

  • I would sell it.


What Guys Said 1

  • And I will buy 😀