How should I get my haircut??

well yeah, that's the question. I have light brown hair with natural random blonde skinny streaks and its about 2 inches longer than shoulder length. I'm getting it cut tmro, so I kind of NEED an answer ASAP! by the way, I have a roundish/oval kind of face, and I have light blue eyes, and here's a picture of me if you can see it, if no, give me ur email and ill send it to you(: k thanks!


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  • ok, personally, with a round face, I realy like it just below shoulder length, then straight, with it curling out at the end. The only problem is that this is a high naintenance hair style, so you will have to work the ends up every day. If you don't mind doing it though, I find it really attractive.

  • keep it long. I like girls with realy long hair maby curly too.


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