Is this a big issue.....bunions?

Are bunions so unattractive that you should be self conscious to walk around barefoot or with sandals around your significant other


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What Guys Said 1

  • If I were to discover a bunion protruding from my foot, I'd have no choice but to either cloister myself in some subterranean nether-region of West Virginia, or have it surgically removed at once. The shame of knowing it had once tainted my person would require years of remedial therapy, and I doubt I'd ever again remove my shoes, for fear it had reappeared. Big issue, you ask?


What Girls Said 1

  • naahhh unless your dating eddie murphy in boomerang. the guy you wanna date will accept you as a whole package. and although I'm certain this other guy is being sarcastic, his mindset sounds like a person who cuts others down as a defense. its funny, I think some of the most attractive guys end up being more accepting because they have nothing to prove to their buddies. don't sweat the bunyuns