Is a corset the same thing as a one piece underwear?

I read that the corset was the 1st woman's undergarment ever that existed before bra and panties. I looked up corsets on google and they just basically looked like one piece underwear. It looks like only one piece underwear existed before the two piece bra and panties. Fun fact: Today, little girls wear ONLY one piece underwear until they're ready to wear a two piece underwear when their breasts start developing and/or when they're a certain age, when they're older they can still wear one piece underwear but by than most girls only wear two piece underwear.

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  • One piece underwear isn't the same as a corset. The main distinguishing aspect is that a corset shapes the torso into a particular shape. Which is why someone like Dita Von Tease has a very tiny waist, because she wore corsets that basically molded her body. Although, these days there are tops referred to as corsets because they share the same look without the function. One piece underwear doesn't mold the body at all.


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  • errr it only brings support to the bust

    • That corset makes me kinda think that corsets and one piece underwear aren't the same thing, that corset looks kinda tight and like only fit woman could fit in it. If corsets all look like that and they were the ONLY female undergarment back than, than what undergarment did fat girls wear? I'm sure that ONLY fit girls would fit in that. It looks thin and very curvy. I'm pretty sure that if a fat girl tried putting that thing on that it would rip.

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    • They make different sized corsets. The point of a corset is to bring In the waist and push up the bust. "Fat" or big girls can wear corsets. Just they need to adjust them differently

    • Nvm, just completely IGNORE my last 2 comments. Sorry. I don't know wtf went through my head but for some stupid reason, I got you mixed up with this girl named sash010101. I probably didn't read the username correctly (I probably just read it super quick without even thinking.) and got the comment from Sasha confused with your comment on Trustme's opinion and than I automatically commented here. Just ignore them, forget all about them, and pretend I never typed them. From now on only this comment and my 1st comment on this opinion exist.

  • Alright, so back when women wore corsets, they wouldn't wear underwear (panties). Their skirts were very heavy, and they would wear petticoats too. This was to make it easier for when they went to the bathroom, which was very difficult especially when wearing a crinoline (hoop skirt), which they would usually need a maid to hold up when they went to the bathroom. long, airy underwear was eventually introduced, but there were also crotchless options again to make it easier when going to the bathroom.

  • No it isn't

  • A corset is not a one piece underwear garment, and where do you get the idea that little girls wear a one piece? I have never seen a little girl in a one piece and it would make it incredibly difficult for them to go to the toilet. A corset draws in the waist and pushes the bosom up. I imagine it was also used to hold ill fitting clothes together. When they wore corsets they would most probably wear bloomers or long-johns or something similar.

    • It's not exactly a one piece undergarment but it's close. It has a big and tight top with a panty. Also, little girls don't exactly wear one piece but it's close enough. It's a big top with a panty. I'm sure that no girls wear actual one piece underwear, just underwear thats close enough and is a big top with a panty, your bathroom statement was true. One piece swimsuits are just for swimming. With one piece underwear you'd have to take it off completely to use the bathroom.

    • Generally little girls wear vests and knickers (do Americans call little girls' underwear panties too? that's odd if they do!)

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    • dude its a corset paired with panties and a garter belt.. not one piece clothing.. there are 3 different pieces of clothing in it lol

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    • thanks for answering but I'm gonna take that they're not the same thing since most people said they aren't and a corset does seem rather very tight, unlike one piece underwear.

    • They ARE kinda similar because they're both big, cover up a lot, and one piece but not the same.

  • That's not a "fun" fact, so much as a very creepy fact. Most people don't want to know the details of a prepubescent girls underwear.

    • Worst answer so far. Also, by "fun" fact it doesn't really have to be fun, it's just stating an extra random fact about the topic, you don't seem very smart, people use those 2 words as adjectives. Also, how the fuck is it creepy and weird? Are you prude? I'm just stating the facts since in this question I'm asking about girls underwear and stuff.

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    • I wasn't trying to be creepy and if you're a normal person it wasn't supposed to be creepy, I was just stating true facts about what undergarments girls wear at different ages, and the fact being "creepy" is just an OPINION dumbass, not EVERYBODY will think that it's creepy, especially people with common sense. Even if most people are prudish and think that it's creepy, there's still a lot of normal people with common sense who aren't prude who think that it's not creepy. And I'm not gonna learn from it because I did NOTHING wrong, just the prudish you and the other 3 prudish girls who get creeped out talking about underwear think that it's creepy and wrong. I can't believe that you're actually 36-45, you sound like a young child because young children who are about 9 are very prude and get shocked by just simply talking about underwear. Seriously, you and the other 3 girls who thumbed this up should've left that prudishness at like 10-12, basically you need to GROW up.

    • Also, at 1st I thought that prudes were like only the very few 0.1% minority but according to this comment and the 3 thumbs up from prude girls, 1 of them is sasha010101 because she commented and I kinda mistook for zombiebabe for some dumb reason, make me rethink the prude percentage because you all make it seem like there's A LOT of prudes.