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Ok So this guy at work and I are very close friends (even though I like him more than that,which he does not know)but lately he has been acting different towards me.We have been friends for about two years and I am hoping maybe he feels the same way.For example he will come up and talk to me out of the blue,and confides in me.He is also very chivalrous towards me such as holding open doors,and helping me carry things. He also defends me when my co-workers tease me (jokingly) because I am quiet and "Innocent".Lately our atmosphere has been feeling charged when we are around one another,Ex.We will both look at each other at the same time but he has an intense gaze(in a nice way) towards me and will stare until I break my gaze. We have in depth conversations and can laugh together about anything,but when there are other people around he is very aware of where I am and will often try and stand next to me.My question is could there be something between us whether he is aware of it or not?Or is it more wishful thinking on my part?Do you think that there are some attraction between two people that cannot be helped.I enjoy being his friend but I am confused as to what could possibly be between us?


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  • He could be attracted. You should invite him out after work some night and drop the question.

  • Seems he could be attracted. Hang out and talk more outside of work go out to dinner or lunch or something together.


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