Guys with a lazy eye, would it ruin it for you?

If a guy has everything else going on. Good smile, funny, nice body, blah blah, would a lazy eye ruin it for you. I'm not talking terrible like that guy from mr. deeds haha, just noticeable.


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  • Well, to be honest, a guy's eyes are what initially attract me to him. And I find lazy eyes, well, not unattractive, per se, but just incredibly distracting. My adviser at my university has a lazy eye, and I can barely listen to what she's saying sometimes because her eye distracts me. Call me shallow, call me ADD, both are probably true in this case. But it would be hard for me to overcome that.

  • If the guys really hot & has a really nice personality than nah. Everyone has flaws right? My brother has a bit of a lazy eye but he gets so many girls its crazy. Some girls may have a problem with it, but there are tons of girls that wouldn't.


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