Do you keep stuff from your ex?

today my boyfriend asked me to clean up a little I agreed no biggie, well he told me to clean out a few of his dresser drawers to put some of my stuff I did, and what do I find his ex's lacy nighties. I threw them away I get ready to clean out another one I find love notes pictures and everything else from his exes. like really get rid of this stuff I think. then I look I see my cards and notes mixed in with his exes. is it ok he kept them or should I get over it. I guess seeing the guy you love in a picture kissing another girl just sucks. even though I know it was before me.

i know I tossed the night after I asked and told him to look and see if he wanted the other stuff.


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  • I think most people keep some stuff from past relationships. For me, it can be a reminder of the people and experiences who have made me who I am today, and has nothing to do with my feelings for my ex. I think it would be pretty childish and petty if a current boyfriend was overly bothered by it or told me I had to get rid of the stuff. Most of my little keepsakes from exes are stashed away in drawers as well, so it rarely even crosses my mind that the stuff is there. It's understandable that finding lingerie made you uncomfortable, but it was a little extreme to throw it all away without even talking about it first.


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  • i understand why you're upset. but throwing out someone else's stuff is a major no-no.

  • Well he should be the one to throw that stuff away, not you. As far as the pictures, those are memories and you shouldn't throw those away. Maybe he's still holding onto that because he sees it as a part of himself and his life.


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