Is it natural for you to be turned off if something looks abnormal?

Example, a girl finds out that I am wearing hearing aids and a cochlear implant.

I find it easier for people to chat with me when they do not notice I have hearing aids. When they find out, its like the end of the world and they tend to avoid talking further.

I do not know if this is really one major problem I have that avoids girls to go out with me.


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  • i think the best thing you can do is that when you notice them noticing it make a light joke about it, let them know your cool with it and so they should be too. btw I don't mean ridicule yourself, no one should do that, especially not yourself. just be upfront about it, explain why you have it and that you're not sensitive or embarrassed about it and other people will feel so comfortable and respect you for being proud about it. if I met a guy who used hearing aids, I would love it if he wore them with confidence and his personality just made me blind to them, not that I'd care anyway, no one's perfect, some people are just more honest about their imperfections but that's what makes them beautiful.


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  • Why would that be a turn-off? It might make some people uncomfortable, but that's pretty stupid on their part, honestly. You can't help that you need hearing aids and a cochlear implant.


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  • i have a friend who got his index finger on his left hand cut in half when he was a baby so he has a half an index finger pretty much...

    would you girls freak out or put him out of his misery and just avoid/dump/let him down immediately even though he's a decent guy?