Why don't girls like guys with long hair, I think it's hot just look at nathan from kings of leon!

All my friends hate it, personally I think it's gorgeous. Sorry if this question is asked often, hope not.


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  • It's almost the hottest thing there is!

    Long hair!

    Just look at all the metalheads, headbangers, goths... O M G


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  • I have about 5" so just under shoulder length I have thick hair and it's a little curly I were it messy with products so it's not fuzzy and get complements daily approach regularly by men and women. I where it confidently and as far as I can tell the only people who actually don't like it are over 40. Even then I still have got compliments from my moms friends.

    You have to keep it clean use conditioner and product get regular trims just like if it's short so you don't get split ends. If I do all that and a girl doesn't like it still chances are she's to uptight for me anyway.

  • My girlfriend loves my longish hair, I know a lot of girls that love longer hair, maybe it's just part of the culture where you live :) nothing wrong with what you like, just think, if your friends dislike it then more guys to pick for yourself ;)

  • Well my hair looks just like Aragorns from Lord of the Rings, I don't seem to get any complaints. I think there is a stereotype against long hair, you get grouped in the hippie/dirty category. But I dress nicely and do cool things with my hair (put beads in it, ect) and I like it way more than short hair personally because it is a serious attention grabber. I've had girls come up to me and initiate conversation because of my hair, it really stands out. I think in general long hair will work against you but if you have a great personality and can pull it of it will work wonders.

    • Me too! :D and like JoshNumber I may take care of it a bit to well =P

  • I had shoulder length hair, I got it cut off and got a lot of sh*t from female friends who really liked it. Now they like it short.

    So the answer is, girls have no idea what they like :)

  • as soon as I get the chance I'll post a picture on here of me with hair... you tell me what you think.. I loved it... some other people loved it some people hated it... it's all personal preference

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  • It really depends on the guy. I have a guy friend with long hair, and he looks horrible with it. Yet, Jason Isaacs looks terrific with it (that would be Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter, for those of you who don't know who he is). He has long hair in tons of movies, and always pulls it off perfectly.

  • I think long hair on a guy looks dirty. I don't know its just not appealing to me. Sorry if you're a guy with long hair reading this, but you should shave it (not all the way, maybe Ryan Reynolds yuuummyyy) I guarantee that you will get more girls checking you out.

  • It depends on the guy. Some don't look bad with long hair, some do.

  • Guys with long hair get a bad rep sometimes. They are seen as grungy and unclean or as too feminine. There's a certain way a guy has to carry himself in order to pull off long hair. Same goes for a guy trying to pull off baldness or a hair color change. It has to suit the guy and he has to be comfortable in his own skin when he has a certain style. hair works like clothes or something. it has to fit.

    i look at guys like fabio link and I think 'geez, he looks gross' but then I look at guys like max hodges (TMZ) link and think 'omg, he's hot'

  • Most of the guys I have met that have long hair hardly clean it and so it looks all greasy and horrible plus most of the time they do smell; I don't mean it nasty or anything, I'm just saying these are the kind of boys I have met with long hair. This is probably where the stereotypes all started is from these kind of unkempt guys.

    I think personally though it all depends on a persons hair type and face to what kind of hairstyles would look good on them; and then there is preference where one person may think a hair style looks bad and another would think it looks great. Then I suppose in some cases the person needs a good personality to go with the hairstyle too otherwise people may relate that hairstyle with a person who isn't very nice and then automatically not like the hairstyle.

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