Guys : do you scan a girl's body when you are very much attracted to her OR less attracted ?

i mean... while I was talking to a guy. My freinds noticed him looking at my body up and down . now the point is.. I did not see him coming and talking to me again OR showing any interest in me... is it he found some flaw in me. then why would he scan me ?

I hope you guys understand.


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What Guys Said 1

  • if I'm willing to do a double take at a girl, it is either a. she is FUGLY or b. I'm attracted to her. I only scan a girl when I fing her attractive however. This doesn't mean I will make a move. Guys can't go around hitting on every girl they find attractive.


What Girls Said 1

  • Depends. If you have a nice body, they are checking you out. If not, they are probably looking at all your flaws. I know because sometimes guys scan my body and my body has flaws (I'm a little plus sized) so I feel they are looking at all my problem areas. Plus, my friends sometimes look at my problem areas and probably think about how gross they are. Ugh. Whatever. Most of the time, they are checking you out.