Guys, why do you treat unattractive women like dirt?

I have noticed that guys treat conventionally unattractive women like they are scum of the earth, like they don't deserve to live and it's terrible. I was walking in the park today and this women was singing. She had a great voice but everyone was passing her by without even giving her a chance. If that had been a beautiful women, I'll bet things would be a lot different. And in general, I feel like guys always joke about unattractive women, like they will take one look at them and just think the most terrible things. Obviously men are attracted to beautiful women but why can't you extend the same courtesy to everyone? Do you always have to think about sex? A woman's worth goes beyond her looks.


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  • Thats really harsh to state that all men are like that, because its not true.

    There are so many other things that can play a factor in the park they might be in a hurry or simply just passing by, if the girl were beautiful or not is irrelevant then.

    Also both men and women like different kind of people, its just the way it is, several of my friends have girlfriends I don't find them attractive yet obviously their boyfriends do otherwise they would not be with them.

    We don't always think about sex, that's also assumptions made by you.

    I really think you need to understand men better since obviously you've had bad male raw-models in your life that is really shallow, try to make friends with some that understands a women completely and sees the inner beauty as well, because we do exist!

    • Really? Where are men like you then? Everywhere I go, it seems men are only into sex and physical looks. I don't think I lie when I say that most men are more shallow than women. It's just what I have seen and experienced so I'm not talking from thin air. Even on this site, you see this type of behavior and of course I didn't say ALL men, just most that I have noticed and seen.

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    • If a girl asked me out and she found me attractive while I didn't find her attractive I would make sure that its just a dinner as friends before we even went out, because even though she likes me and I don't in the same way there is no reason we can't go out and friends. And love do have its mysterious ways, I recently developed feelings for a girl I've know for 4 years so nothing is impossible. And you can't say beautiful or not, because each and every person is unique in their own way.

    • Yes, this all sounds good on paper, but usually life doesn't work this way. I am just being realistic. I'm sure this girl you fell for is not completely unattractive. I am talking more about women who were just born very unattractive and there's not much they can do except surgery. I know women like this and they have NEVER been asked out or anything but they are still great people. So I'm just saying what I see in real life.


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  • There are many attractive women who walk down streets without anyone paying any attention. I personally have spoken to and had friendships even with women I don't find attractive.

  • i dont...

  • girls, why do you treat unattractive men like dirt? answer: people are shallow. life is not fair.

    • This is true but I think unattractive men are better off than unattractive women. If you are a woman and completely and utterly unattractive, life is just harder.

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  • Don't make generalized statements about the entire male population like this. I really have never noticed many guys behaving this way, and the ones that do are usually treated badly in return.

  • I don't think all guys are like this. that's like saying all girls treat ugly guys like dirt. There are people with good and bad characters in both sexes.

    Beauty is attractive. I don't know why. Even babies respond better to more attractive people. I'm sure someone will come in with a biological reason with facts, I know it has something to do with biology though...

    Being mean to ugly people is just wrong. Society judges women on looks primarily. Men don't have that for the most part. Look how successful Seth Rogen is, he could definitely use a makeover yet he's very successful in Hollywood. If a girl looked like the female equivalent of Seth Rogen she would still be in comedy clubs somewhere unless her family could pull some strings. Some men look at women as sex objects and feel that if she isn't sexy she has no worth. These kind of people don't do pretty girls any favors either.

    • Not ALL, but a lot/most guys I've seen do this. They completely ignore or sometimes go out of their way to pick on unattractive women. I agree it has to do with biology.