Guys, is eyeliner a must on a girl?

If so, what kind do you like? The heavier black or maybe a natural brown? Or the slightly smokey eyshadow?

Girls, help!

I don't wear eyeliner because I don't think I wear it that well. And I try to put it on like they show in make-up vids on YouTube. But it still doesn't look right. I even get it close to the eyelashes and everything! Any tips on how to get it right?


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  • Guys really don't care what eyeliner you use. :)

    The right eyeliner depends on what skin tone you have and also it depends on what shape of eye you have. Personally, I don't wear eyeliner that often, but if I do I always apply it with a flat tip eyeliner brush (I buy gel liner stuff from MAC, it's pretty neat and kindof a mix between a liquid liner and a powder). It makes the line much softer and natural looking. Also, since my eyes are smaller and my lid isn't that large I only apply the liner on the upper lash line. If I put it on the lower my eyes end up looking smaller than they are.

    Eyeliner is so tricky and it takes a long time to figure out what the right color and application style is right for you.

    If you do end up using an eye pencil try gently rubbing over it with a q-tip after application, it softens the line and ends up making it look very natural.

    One more tip is if you just can't seem to get the eyeliner thing down try using a dark eyeshadow and a flat eyeliner brush. Just dampen the brush (not wet, just damp) and dab it in the dark eyeshadow (brown works best) then apply it in little strokes to your upper lash line and softly on your lower lash line (if you want). This gives a smokey eye look.

    Oh, and whatever you do don't apply too much eyeliner. It ends up looking like you're getting ready for halloween.

    Hope this helps! Good luck :)


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  • IMO I think that 100% natural is the way to go, however when I see my lady with eyeliner for a special occasion (she uses black), I almost wet my pants xD

  • yesss eyeliner is hot. but only if you have really big cat-like eyes.

  • wear whatever make-up Taylor Swift wears, that'll get boys attention.

  • i bet you most guys don't even know what ur talking about

    but I like eye shadow that extenuates their eye color

    and eye liner goes with w.e. ur wearing


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  • my advice: unless you're really dark, avoid liquid eyeliner. it always ends up looking messy and overdone and doesn't wear well throughout the day. Instead, us a mechanical pencil (or crayon). Don't apply in a single unbroken line, try tiny dashes. it will blend better and look a lot more natural, while still doing what it's supposed to do.

    As far as colors go, it's usually best to only go one or two shades darker than your eyebrows.

    The size and shape of your eyes also determines where you wear it as well. For example, I have big eyes, so I line the inside of the upper lashes (only!) and a tiny bit on the outside corners. A person with smaller eyes would only want to line the outside of the lashes (not the skin next to the eye).

    Try different things! And I recommend getting water resistant liner and mascara so it won't go everywhere every time you have to rub your eye. Good luck!

    • Using a mechanical pencil on your eyes? that's a tragedy waiting to happen.

  • lol well you also have to think that not everything looks good on everyone so eyeliner might not be for you (: or just not how other people wear it...