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Should I wear make up?

I only wear make up on rare occasions, such as Homecoming and the like. Most people(well, everyone lol) says that I look "good" or "fine" or "pretty"... Show More

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  • if you've always not worn makeup, then don't. the more natural you wear your face, the better it is. if you don't even put on foundation, that's really awesome because it means you've got amazing skin. only start wearing foundation when you have blemishes to cover or skin tone to even out. as for eyeliner, the reason for wearign eyeliner is to give an optical illusion that your eyelashes are thicker, and also to bring out the eyes. I'm not really a fan of the whole super-thick eyeliner trend that amy winehouse is popular for, so just line your eyes thinly (google a how-to video). maybe your boyfriend has seen how even more gorgeous you look with makeup on, so he has requested you to put on some makeup. in my opinion he shouldnt give a sh*t whether you put makeup or not as long as you are not hideous with a naked face. but hey, if it's just eyeliner he wants, then just give it to him.

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  • If you want to wear it, wear it, and if you don't, don't. Yeah, easier said than done, but if you look good without it, I don't think you should wear it just for your boyfriend - I mean, it's not like he'd break up with you for not wearing any. :P A lot of guys claim that they like girls who wear less makeup so your bf's answer surprised me, tbh.

    And there are a lot of good makeup tutorials on youtube, just look it up.

  • I think you should try wearing makeup

    I'm pretty without it, but I still wear it

    It enhances your features, so why not?

    Nd yeah you might look like a clown..but that's why you practice!

    Watch tutorials on youtube, look at pics in magazines and try to re-create them on ur face

    Soon you'll find makeup really easy

    It's all about being experimental

    Nd one thing that's really important is that a little goes a long way

    Start off with a small amount nd slowly add more

    This way you avoid looking like a 5 year old who got into their mom's makeup bag

  • Only wear it if you want to.

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