Guys -do you find women that wear red lips and smokey eyes unattractive and classified as 'too much makeup'?

If the woman has majority classically beautiful features such as high cheekbones, a pout and almond eyes - yet wears the red lips and very smokey eyes (at night) - would you find her less attractive as she isn't flying the 'natural' flag? Detailed answers would be appreciated!


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  • It depends on the occasion. If you aren't in the club, or at a place where it is appropriate then not necessarily less attractive but it does distract from your beauty.. I personally like seeing a girl looking her best, but most the time I wanna see her as she is. I guess it can be more intimate, natural, and comfortable to see her that way to me.. thats the most I can say unfortunately.


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  • Guys can't wait to hear your answers. Girls know this one. Well I at least hope they do about this combination

    • Ha ha, thanks for your enthusiasm/appreciation!