What is the perfect length of nails your prefer on girls?

GUYS: which length of nails looks best/sexiest/hottest/prettiest, etc in your opinion? do you like claws, super short, or in the middle (like at the very end of your finger) ... just curious and this may not even be a factor but im wondering because for guys it is, i think when guys have long fingernails and dont trim them its disgusting and they can sometimes look girly lol. Anyways please take the poll and comment as well :)

  • super short, below the tip of the finger
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  • medium length, ending around where the finger tips ends
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  • past the finger tip ends, more clawish
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  • Somewhere in the middle I guess. But I care more about how my girlfriend would feel about them. She should not make her nails how I like them unless she likes them that way too. She should make them whichever length she likes most.


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  • I don't care how my bf thinks my nail should be. I keep them short because otherwise they get in my way