What should I do with my hair? (there's a pic)

I have medium length black hair. Its about 1.4 inches on the top, 1.6 in the front, and 1.2 on the sides and back. My hair is straight, so if I let it down, it just goes over my forehead, and looks bad I think. Nowadays, I use hairspray to make the hair on the front stand up. I heard somewhere that this doesn't look good. Should I keep spraying it up (maybe after a little haircut), or should I let it down, with or w/o a haircut. If you want a better idea, you should look at the picture in my reality check. That is me with my hair up..

I would post pictures up through a link, but I'm not sure how to post pictures without having to go and register to photobucket or something.


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  • do a mini faux hawk!


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  • use styling wax and mess around with your hair so it looks naturally messed. This allows you to keep your hair our of your face an still have some style. Got2B had the best long stay freeze hold stuff and it smells amazing


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  • Looks a little dykeish tbh, though I'm no stylist so, dunno.

    • You're not ugly btw, just being honest!

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    • I could pass for a not-ugly girl? I don't know if that says more about me or you. But now that I look at it, its not really a guyish question, and I have seen lesbos with a similar haircut. I just ask because I don't really pay all that much attention to fashion and all, so I don't want to get a dbag haircut.

    • It was my crying game moment... I was looking at the hair, and didn't wanna sound too harsh, then realised too late...