Hoody or leather jacket?

All right so I need to buy something for this fall/winter and I was thinking on either a hoody or a jacket, but I don't know exactly what to buy.

What do you guys and girls like best for a 19 y/o man? I wanna look casual, well dressed.

Please, leave a comment why you chose that. Thanks!

  • Hoody
    20% (3)40% (2)25% (5)Vote
  • Leather Jacket
    80% (12)60% (3)75% (15)Vote
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  • Leather jacket. Hoodie is more of a shirt than a jacket... so...
    A hoodie is nice, but not if you're using it as a jacket.

    • What do you mean by "using it as a jacket?"

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    • Most of my wardrobe is t-shirts, so I most likely be wearing tees most of the days. But you're right, leather jackets go with mostly anything, either tees or shirts.

    • Wow! Thank you! =)

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