What really goes on inside a boy's mind?

well I watched the film 'the ugly truth' the other day, I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with it (:

well in the film it states that guys are attracted to women by them being sexy and seductive,

well I got a few good relationship tips from it lol,

but it also says that a guy doesn't fall in love with your personality, he'll fall in love with your looks,

and also that the first thing guys see in girls is t*ts and ass

and they'll continue further depending and what they are like lol

this is quite a random question, but thanks for reading so far,

i was just wondering what do guys see in girls,

personally, what do you look for in a girl first?

what makes you fall in love with us?

looks? personality? intelligence? sense of humor? hobbies/interests? etc...


Thanks (: x


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  • This is a great question which deserves and honest answer. The truth is, there's a HUGE difference between boys and men, and age has nothing to do with it. I real man will take both into account when deciding what woman he want to commit himself to, especially in marriage. A "boy" however, will most likely decide based purely on physical traits and desires. Really, it's all about maturity. Some are much more mature young, and other can go their whole like with the simple and sad mentality toward women as a little boy. Get to know you're man before you take that step and become sexually involved. There's consequences.


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  • Definetly not what most girls think we fall for (makeup, hairstyle, clothes etc. ...we could really care less). So yeah, that's fairly correct. Younger guys tend to be more idealistic about finding true love, personality etc. But, after awhile, they catch on that the game comes down to looks combined with compatibility...with more emphasis on looks/smell/feel. If she's hot to us, we will adjust.

  • Think of it like fishing, attract them with the lure (looks, body, t*ts and ass...), them hook them with your personality. We are attracted to you physically first and foremost (if we haven't talked to you what else can we go on?). If you have a good personality, sense of humor, etc. we will be more interested in forming a relationship. There is no specific trait that we all look for, each guy has his own preferences.

  • That movie makes all guys look so bad. It makes us seem like we're all complete assholes. And while they're some assholes out there, most guys are not such douchebags.


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  • good question!