Good makeup brush sets?

I need new makeup brushes, for obvious reasons, but i don't know a good set that i can get thats not over expensive, reasonably priced, anyone able to help?


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  • Sonia Kashuk from Target has good individual brushes that I really like! Sephora has good make up brush sets, I have one and i really like it! But it all depends on how you feel about makeup? If you do a full face and wear eyeshadow everyday and like to look really nice and practice different looks then DEFINITELY put a little more cash into your brushes. If you only wear a light amount of makeup and not very often, then just buy a cheap set. But one thing I've experienced with cheap sets is that the brush fibers fall out easily and feel scratchy on the face, which can lead to irritation.

    • Thanks! I actually am 16 but in 1 and a half year plan on study makeup artistry and become pro makeup artist so i will have spend more :)

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    • Thank you will look at them!

    • You're welcome :)


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  • Real techniques are great price and come in a pack for £21.99. In U. K u get them from boots or superdrug. U can get them on amazon online too

  • Sigma and Sonia Kashuk have really nice brushes that are affordable.

  • Try Sephora. I use brushes from a billion different brands, cuz I've figured out which ones have the best of what brushes, but if you search Sephora's website or go into their story you can find kits with everything you need, some aren't too bad