Guys-do you like girls in skirts/dresses or jeans? Girls can comment on this!

ok girls which do you prefer to wear?I like skirts or dresses there more comfy.But I don't wear them often.


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  • I find all such clothing on a woman, to be unnecessarily "busy'. I find I'm most attracted to a woman, dressed simply in a hat.


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  • i like dresses better but don't only wear one type/style of dress cause that gets repetitive

    • Are you saying that you wear dresses,yourself?The response could be taken that way.Or do you just like seeing them on women?If you do crossdress,don't panic.I happen to think that's very sexy,and often dress up some of my boyfriends.Enjoy!

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    • Gotcha!Sorry for the misunderstanding,but if you're ever thinking about it,let me know!

    • Why would I let you know?

      seems kind of odd lol

      its over the internet and all lol

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  • Call me a "girly" girl,but I live in skirts and dresses,high heels too.I'll take them anyday over jeans.

    • Yeah me too! I don't know why but I feel more comftrable in skirts and dresses.

    • I agree.It goes to confidence,as well.If you're savvy enough to be out in public in a skirt or dress,and can pull it off well,it makes you a far more confident woman.Also,throw in some really nice,top quality hosiery.too.Stockings or pantyhose are both great,in my book.

  • I prefer jeans for sure.

    • Me too, comfy and I don't feel like everyone will see my undies if I'm not on my guard. plus they show of your ass, it doesn't have to be visible to be obvious you know?

    • EXACTLY! =D

  • I love to wear skirts anytime of the day, but dresses, I could care less.