Do you think that good looking people are the loneliest?

I read that in a magazine today and it's a really interesting thought...


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  • My answer to that is, good looking people are the loneliest because that's all they feel they're liked for. And some people wouldn't talk to them or even dislike them BECAUSE they're good looking. And when they are looking for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend all they get is ones that only want them for their good looks and nothing else. I sometimes feel that way. Guys always say how pretty I am and how big my t*ts are...but all I really want is a guy that likes me for me, not because of my looks.

    And I'm not using that because I'm cocky or because I want to profit from it, I'm just using that as an example. Sometimes I wish I had a smaller chest and I was ugly :(

    • No, I understand where you're coming from. I sometimes just want to pierce my lip and eyebrow and dye my hair black, so guys will want to get to know me as a person.

    • Awe. Sometimes I wonder why some people don't like me. I get a lot of attention from guys, and most of the time I don't even kno. I just find out because some girl might not like me because of it. Being beautiful is both a gift, and a curse. I've never heard a question like this. It's actually given me a lot to think about.


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  • I know of smart girls of exceptional physical beauty purposely wearing thick realm glasses (when they don't have to wear glasses), very loose fitting clothes ...etc. because there are simply too many flies around and the last thing they want is to attract their attention (jeolousy from other girls, lust from guys).

    Being alone doesn't automatically mean being lonely. You want to meet someone you want, and not someone who is JUST into your looks (which fades with time no matter what, also, there is the issue of boredom -- try staring at your favorite movie star's picture for 1 hour, do nothing else, and see what happens) and want your body for sex (unless you're a prostitute, that is). Similar concerns go for guys.

  • Yes, but I don't think it applies just to good looking people. I think the same trend applies to all people who have superior (not just above average, orders of magnitude about the norm) qualities because it makes people who don't understand us insecure about themselves.

  • not the loneliest, because people are always around them especially from the opposite sex, they constantly get flirted with, smiled at, and people want to stay close to them either just for friendship, or serious relationships, sex, one night stands... etc, or just mess up their current relationship! the sexiest ones are lost, they don't know where they belong, everybody loves them but they have no one special life partner that they can run to or be very close with...

    Open your minds, control your behavior, look for what lasts and not for what gives you instant pleasure, moral up, and you won't live sad wether you were the best looking or the worst looking.

  • Yes a lot of them are. But also a lot of them are stuck up obnoxious pricks.


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  • I feel that it is a true statement.

  • No, I'm very ugly and I feel like one of the loneliest people in the world.

  • i believe it is true! not to brag, I really have a low life by being pretty good looking, I get honked at, checked out daily, and get lots of compliments from guys and lots of hate and competition and jealousy from girls...but in the end I'm still alone and don't have a bf...the last guy I liked he told me I made him feel insecure because he wasn't good enough for me...=[

    • Omg, I can't believe this. I never thought I'd find so many people here that I can relate to.

      I mostly thought that the pretty girls always have all the friends, and you know that great lives and everything. I guess that's not true.

    • Yea...society has changed.