What would it take for a guy to have a girlfriend and for him to only have eyes for her?

Is this even humanly possible? I'm not talking about a quick glance or even saying another girl is pretty, but is there anything that prevents a guy from looking at another girl the SAME WAY he looks at his girlfriend?


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  • The guy's personality comes into play a lot for this. I know when I was dating my last girlfriend, I didn't care much at all about other women. I was nice to them and wouldn't ignore them, but I didn't flirt or even stare at them- I didn't need to.

    I've been told I have the great ability to detach from myself and think about situations through the eyes of others, so maybe I am an exception to this rule that guys like to wander. I know I'd be upset if someone I was dating liked to flirt or check out other options, so I believe it would be unfair of me to do that to her. Whenever I am in a relationship, and find myself in a situation and my girlfriend isn't there, I think in my mind "How would I act if she were here?" and do my best to be that way in her absence.

    • Wow why can't every guy have your brain? That's truly awesome and rare!


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  • Yes, its called love. I doubt we'll ever lose our appetite for looking at beautiful women but if your relationship is solid, healthy and fun then he'll only have hungry eyes for you.

  • I say yes and agree that its called love if he loves you there is a major difference in the way he looks at you and the way he looks at some chick when I look at my girlfriend its like I have a flashback for a sec that I remember all we have been through and you can't have that with anybody else especially not some random girl.


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  • I think if the guy really truly loves his girlfriend then he won't ever look at another girl the same way. If you guys just started dating then it is possible. I don't know how to prevent it but whatever you do don't try it yourself because he might think you are to controlling or stalkish.

    • Valid point. I haven't told him what to do I just tell him that it's hurting me when he does it and lies. thank you

  • I think every girl would love to have a guy whose 100% committed to her. I was currently in a relationship, and I was so self-conscious of myself that I would get jealous of any other girl he looked at. Make him notice you, make him love you for you, and if he does look at another girl make him realize that you're the only one like you in the bunch of girls.

    • I couldn't agree more! I'm going through that right now and I feel like I'm going insane because I'm obsessing over it lol thanks for your suggestions I'll try my best

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    • I agree with you and love that explanation, and we're all secure and comfortable with ourselves until a guys takes that away from us at some point in our lives . It happens a lot .

    • Metaphorically speaking, nobody can take it away from you unless it is handed over or given to them. If you feel strongly about something then it will be a struggle for someone else to take it away from you but if you are undecided then maybe that is the point when you need to really decide - do you give it away or do you stand up proud and fight for it.