Would it be really weird if I wore a maid outfit to school with kitty ears and a pink wig for Halloween?

Umm, hehro :) For Halloween, I really wanted to be a kitty with a long, pink, wavy wig and wear kitty ears. However, would it be really weird if I wore a maids outfit? :( I just find it so cute ;_; However, do you think it will bring too much attention? o: Umm... I don't know... u_u In addition, do you guys know any places or online places I could buy cute maid outfits? :) Thank you! :)

Umm, also, by maids outfit, its one that doesn't show much skin!! o:


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  • www.youtube.com/watch
    So something like that, but with the pink wig and cat ears?

    Well, if you school has a day where people can where outfits to school it would be fine. If not I guess it would be 'weird' to some people, but I would find it adorable. I remember when I was in high school this one girl wore a giant yellow princess dress, can't remember if it was for Halloween or something else, but I though it was awesome. I wish I would have complimented her on it. I guess you could buy one online or maybe at a costume store.


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  • Hehhhrooo there. I think you're on the right track. Girls should be confident enough to have fun with Halloween and enjoy it, while also being smart about knowing where to draw the line between "fun/cute/sexy" and "trashy desperate attempt to grab attention"... just from the way you asked the question I think you'll be able to figure it out. The main outfit sounds pretty cool... I'm sure there's a bunch of places online you could buy one, but easier if you can find a local place to get a better idea of how it'll look.

  • Um, I think you should keep that in the bedroom between you and your husband... Seriously, you don't want to be a cat girl in a maid outfit around a bunch of horny teenage boys...

    • My husband? O: Ugu, but I am just an ordinary teenage girl, and I think the outfit is non provicative ;_; It's really cute, if anything! o:

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    • Uugu... oh no... I.. dont want to be... violated ;_; But what are "boners"? o:

  • How about a HAWT pix in dat SMEXY outfit? That might help alil bit ;3

  • Ya, as long as it's school appropriate, there's nothing wrong with going like that. It's what you want to be for halloween, why would it be wrong?


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