What do you think about Zettai Ryouiki (explanation below)?


It's basically thigh-high stockings with miniskirts (leaving minimal bare leg open for viewing).

For boys, which one do you think looks best.

For girls which one would you consider wearing.

  • Option A
    60% (3)50% (1)57% (4)Vote
  • Option B
    20% (1)0% (0)14% (1)Vote
  • Option C
    20% (1)0% (0)14% (1)Vote
  • Option D
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
  • Option E
    0% (0)50% (1)15% (1)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like it, sometimes they fall down though that's why they have sock tape and sock glue in Japan which is hilarious glue for socks! ha! I think it's a good style for fall because you can still wear a cute skirt and not be cold! I think mine are either option A or B not sure it was a while ago.


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