Post your Halloween costumes!!! How do you like mine? 😄?

I'm a pirate... Arrrr! 💣⚓️ I wanna see your pics!! 😉
Mines my profile pic now! :)

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And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Post your pics too, please!!! XD


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  • You look great !! Halloween ain't my thing.

    • Awe thx! Post yours :D

    • She just said it's not her thing... meaning, she won't be going as anything. She must not be pagan

    • Yeah I actually dressed up for our BBQ cookoff but I'm not going to any Halloween parties or anything... Most of the time I really don't get much into it... ;)

  • Cool costume!!!

  • You don't look like a pirate.. you just look like a girl with heavy makeup on.

    Ehh.. I'm doing the same thing though so I can't really talk. I'm either going to be a "cat" or a "vampire".

    Either way I'm going to be a girl with heavy makeup and cat ears & tail OR a girl with heavy makeup, a poofy dress, and fangs

    • OH WAIT.. you changed your picture lol!
      Now, I see your pirate-ness

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    • That's a vampire cat... More than just a hat rack here 😝

    • Vampire chicks can be hot only black haired women can pull off the look though and they have to also show some boobs hanging around.