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Can you tell me how much I should weigh to have the Victoria's Secret model body? I don't think I'm fat but im.

not as skinny as id like to be. I'm 5'7 and I weigh 129. I need advice. I also would like some makeup, hair, clothing, personality advice. thanks!

im not really trying to change how I look, and I don't want to be a model. I just want to look good.

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  • You have to be 115 pounds to be the average model wieght. You're on the shorter side for being a model, (5'7 is the minimun for the runway) so you might want to stretch a lot and do yoga to promote growth. As for hair, you might want to grow it long (most of their models have long hair with the exception of Selita Ebanks) and get a perm so your hair looks like it does when they have the shows. If you don't have long hair, leave it as is. When model agenacies are looking at potential models they like to see what you have naturally. Don't wear a lot of make-up for an interview with VS, ALL agencies expect to see your face in it's almost natural form and won't hire you or even consider you if you have tons of make-up on. Try only a little face make-up, blush, a tiny amount of mascera (no eye-liner!) and a little gloss. They also are looking for ultra clear skin so eat healthy and clear up any blemishs before you even try. Be friendly! VS are looking for a perky, nice, outgoing girl and they look at your personality very close when they interview you. Hope this helps!

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  • I think you should be yourself, and take care of YOUR body. Not try to achieve something else. If you want, starting eating a little healthier and drinking more water. This should help shed a few unwanted pounds. A little regular exercise will also help.

  • You're not fat... why wouldya wanna be that anyways? 5-7 130 is almost perfect... I bet you are very pretty as you are now... don't change


    Sorry for the all caps but why aren't girls listening, why do you all obsess with this theory all guys want a stick insect on our arms.

    It's rubbish, Every single guy I know comments how poorly and pathetic models look, don't know any guy that lusts for sex with skeletor.

    The only guy's that do are famous and want a bag of bones on their arm for the cameras.

    You will find most guys like average girls with a little natural puppy fat.

    • I agree.. You don't need someone to tell you how to look and how to have a personality.. Just do what feels comfortable to you, and be yourself!

      Most guys will not find underweight girls attractive!

  • lose about 10 pounds and get a nice pair of fake boobs. you'll be perfect.

  • You don't THINK you're fat?

    You're NOT fat!

    5'7" and 129 lbs really doesn't leave much room for any fat at all. I'm about the same height and weight actually, and I have pretty much no fat, just muscle. I actually wish I had more fat cause I get cold pretty easily haha... At your height and weight, long as you exercise some (not saying how much because it's dependant on the person) you should have no problem staying looking toned and fit.

  • as a guy I am attracted to a women who stay true to their selves by not dying their hair and applying very little makeup. their is nothing wrong with makeup..but too much eyemakeup takes away from the natural beauty. your weight and height sounds like a real winner ;) I bet you are gorgeous! Always be confident, nothing is more sexy than a confident woman who is comfortable in their own skin.

  • A lot of people like to pretend that the supermodel thin look is unattractive and that no guy would like that. That is a pile of crap. Why would any business hire models that men would find repulsive? Sure, some guys don't like it, but an overwhelming majority do. The whole "media screwing up people's perspective of beauty" and "real beauty" campaigns are just completely counter-intuitive. It's the way of life. People are drawn to certain physical characteristics, and as it happens, clothing companies etc hire people who have them to sell their products. I'm all for people having good self-esteem despite not looking like supermodels, but for the love of god, don't act like looking good is some corporate media creation.

  • Agreed you don't need to drop any pounds for your height. Even VS model Laetitia Casta is 5' 7" and 125.4 lbs! If you want a different shape/distribution, nothing works like physical activity and eating healthy. I hate the gym, so I'm typically riding a bike somewhere. Do what you like.

    Don't let what you see in the media skew your perception of what beautiful and normal look like. So much of it is fake. I think this Dove commercial totally nails it: link

    For makeup, hair, clothing, personality, etc. watch what other people you interact with do that you like and don't like. We like watching "what not to wear" on TLC :)

    • I love Dove :) They've put out a lot of really good messages for young women.

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  • your skinny for a regular person but I'm sorry to tell you your not tall enough to be a model the smallest height to be a model is 5'9 and they are about 116 which is way to skinny. I work for the company that's how I know this.

  • You don't need to lose any weight.

  • And being 5'7 and and 129 is not SKINNY. It is an ideal weight for that height.

  • I am actually exactly the same as you are. My goal is to reach a body fat percentage of 12.

    Yours might be different since everyone's body isn't the same.

    My point is...it's not how much you weigh but how much body fat you have. So you will have to calculate that and decide where you want to be versus where you are now.

    • That's not healthy. women are supposed to have more fat then men

    • Sorry I meant 17

  • omg.

    honney, for your hight, you are definitely skinny.

    just be healthy. because you may not be natrualy skinny as a model.

    • My advice is to get over yourself, get a life, and use your brain to do something in this lifetime that makes an actual difference in this world. Shift the focus to that.

    • Is that to me, or the question asker? lol

  • its not a matter of how much you weigh, how you eat and exercise change your bodies appearance...so eating healthy and doing something like yoga or pilates will help you get a leaner figure/lean muscles. No one knows how much you weigh unless you tell them.

  • so you want a whole new you? that's crazy! embrace who you are and make the best of what you've got! sure we can tell you how to do your hair and what to wear and what kind of person to be but then you'll be a fake! and it will show! be who makes you comfortable be that person with confidence! confidence and positivity can make anyone attractive. your height and weight's fine as long as your maintaining that weight by eating healthy, it is a little on the slim side but like I said as long as your achieving that through healthy means then there's nothing wrong with that. note that the skinnier you get the worse your skin will look, the drier your hair, the weaker your nails and the more sallow your face, and at your age you should be looking radiant and healthy not like a little old woman.

  • Is this even a real question?! I'd kill to be 5'7 and weigh 129lbs! fact of the matter is...you're tall as hell and skinny as sh*t! I'm 5'4 and a half, 135 lbs and in a size 8. I have an athletic body type and I love it! (think jessica biel). My point...you need to be happy with yourself!

  • you don't need to lose weight, just add tone to your body. Duh.

    And unless you plan on getting implants (all those girls have huge boobs) then there's no reason to strive to have that body, because you never will.

  • perseverance. Just eat healthy foods. No sugar! For makeup, I usually use maybellene. Clothing is honestly an expression of your style so I cannot answer that one. For hair, always use iron protector if yo uwant to straighten it. For blowdrying it, use it on cold air instead of hot to save you from a few split ends and a burned scalp. For personality, I always strive to be flirty, fearless, strong, and insensitive to anyone else. Those qualities will grab everyones attention :-)

  • ok so first of all..i'm a half inch taller than yourself and I used to weigh 125 and wore a size 2 or 3 and everyone thought it was gross and looking back at pictures it was! I thought I looked good at the time. it was so hard and I basically had to starve myself which lead to major unhappiness. I gained like 20lbs I'm not fat but the ugly bones aren't sticking out anymore. models live a very hard life I've been there trust me you don't want it.

  • If your 5'7'' and you weigh 129lbs, you shouldn't try to lose weight so much as tone your body. If you lose too much weights you will start to lose muscle mass and you will be weak and tired all the time. A good way to get lean strong muscles is yoga,pilates or aquaform. Make sure you eat healthy food, stop eating when you're not hungry anymore and allow yourself some treats once in a while, because if you try to eat less to lose weight faster you'll only end up bingeing afterwards and you'll most likely gain more weight.

    Hope this helps!

  • you're already skinny for your height, you don't need to lose any more weight! just remain healthy!

  • you'd need to be around 110-115 to be a model. most models need to be about 5'9. 5'8 min. I know kate moss is 5'7 but that's only because she has amazing bone structure. so unless you have amazing facial bone structure, an agency wouldn't take you on. models do a lot of cardio workouts like running etc plus toning/resistance training like yoga and pilates. they don't bulk up too much so you don't really need to be muscle training-if you do, only use weights that are 3lbs max. muscle weighs more than fat so that's why models prefer cardio. but its good to do the resistance training like the yoga etc because after you're 30 your muscle mass will drop and it will be hard to maintain the weight you want and that's why older women tend to put on weight easily. look after your skin! drink lots of water. don't smoke because it will cause premature ageing, wrinkles, lines, yellow teeth, bad breath etc. don't drink too much either because it will dry your skin out and blotchy. greasy food is a no-no too. wear spf (sun protection factor) every day even in winter to prevent lines. cut down on carbs. a lot of celebrities follow the zone diet but its bit too drastic for everyday life, just cut out bread and pasta and eat the rest in moderation.eat lots of fruit and veg because it will help your skin too. you're well within a healthy weight within the bmi index so I wouldn't lose any weight if I were you-maybe just some toning if anything. if you go to panacea81 on youtube (lauren luke) she gives good makeup tips btw

  • adriana lima is 510 and is 112

    As for personality be yourself :)

  • there is nothing wrong with your weight.

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