Can you tell me how much I should weigh to have the Victoria's Secret model body? I don't think I'm fat but im.

not as skinny as id like to be. I'm 5'7 and I weigh 129. I need advice. I also would like some makeup, hair, clothing, personality advice. thanks!

im not really trying to change how I look, and I don't want to be a model. I just want to look good.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You have to be 115 pounds to be the average model wieght. You're on the shorter side for being a model, (5'7 is the minimun for the runway) so you might want to stretch a lot and do yoga to promote growth. As for hair, you might want to grow it long (most of their models have long hair with the exception of Selita Ebanks) and get a perm so your hair looks like it does when they have the shows. If you don't have long hair, leave it as is. When model agenacies are looking at potential models they like to see what you have naturally. Don't wear a lot of make-up for an interview with VS, ALL agencies expect to see your face in it's almost natural form and won't hire you or even consider you if you have tons of make-up on. Try only a little face make-up, blush, a tiny amount of mascera (no eye-liner!) and a little gloss. They also are looking for ultra clear skin so eat healthy and clear up any blemishs before you even try. Be friendly! VS are looking for a perky, nice, outgoing girl and they look at your personality very close when they interview you. Hope this helps!