I'm going to Hooters tonight..

to watch the UFC fight, What should I wear? I want to look cute, sexy and comfortable.


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  • haha, if ur going to hooters, ur not gonna be able to match up...if you want to look cute but sexy and comfortable at the same time. just wear something well fitting, like jeans, and a small shirt, heels with jeans never work, imo, try wedges.. make sure you don't go overboard on makeup, as well as jewlery, makes you look like a hoochiemama if you do, haha...anyway, good luck, and I hope this works

    whos fighting in ufc tonight?

  • well if you want to look like one of the girls a miniskirt or some short shorts or something like that

    if you just want to wear like whatever then some jeans and a t-shirt

    by the way, who is going to fight?..hahaa


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