Bad self esteem? May sound typical and cliché but I've tried everything. Don't mean to sound whiny though,?

this may sound cliché and stupid.. It may sound like a typical teenage girl problem but I honestly don't know what to do. I never feel pretty and it's not because of constantly comparing myself to other girls. My friends will jokingly make fun of my body shape (not fat, i'm just really short) and it's not funny but I'll laugh along because I don't want to just kill the mood. I know they're kidding but it still hurts. I've tried wearing makeup, changing my wardrobe but I just never feel pretty and that's all I want… It may have to do with the fact that my boyfriend dumped me and liked a new girl later that's prettier than me and more popular but I just want to feel pretty even though I know I'm not which I'm okay with. I just want to feel pretty that's all.


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  • u need a fresh group of peers, go to shelter homes or simply join a group. You will feel prettier and better once you stop with your schedule and start doing things randomly (things mean meeting new people, going to new places and stuff)
    and if you can add at least 1 hour of walk in your weekly schedule, ull feel amazing


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  • Move to a school full of ugly kids.

  • Denied. You will not feel pretty.


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