What do you girls think of skinny jeans on guys?

What do you think of the skinny straight legged skater jeans that you find at places like Hot Topic that all the skaters are trending towards now? Is it ok for guys to wear women's gender neutral skinny jeans that don't have all the girly flash on them? What style of skinny jeans are ok, straight skinny leg, boot cut leg, or 70's bell bottom leg?

I love skinny jeans as I hate baggy/roomy jeans, however I don't like spending a ridiculous amount of money on jeans so the only kind I can find that are cheap are the women's skinny jeans at places like Goodwill. I prefer the 70's bell bottom leg look but I make sure they are gender neutral and don't have all the girly flash and look too girly. The only other place I have found besides online that has the skinny straight legged jeans is Hot Topic. If I could find a man's 70's style skinny jeans cheap I would buy them over the women's but no one I know makes them anymore.

I personally think I look good in skinny jeans but others have said I look like a woman. Do guys look like women wearing skinny jeans? What about celebs vs non celeb guys wearing skinny jeans? Should only celebs guys wear skinny jeans or should only non celeb guys wear them or can both rock the skinny jean?

Please be honest about this cause I know some of you would say this or that celebrity guy looks hot in skinny jeans yet you would never want to see your man in skinny jeans? Is that really a fair opinion or are you just biased and think that only buff celebrity guys look good in them and the average non celeb joe doesn't look good in them and should not wear them?

  • Yes, skinny jeans of all kinds are acceptable on guys.
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  • Only the straight leg skinny skater jeans are acceptable on guys
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  • Only the boot cut and 70's bell bottom skinny jeans are acceptable on guys.
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  • No, guys should not wear skinny jeans period!
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  • Does not matter, a guy can wear whatever is comfortable to him.
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What Girls Said 4

  • I think a guy should wear whatever he feels comfortable with :)

  • Doctors have warned that wearing skinny jeans - which have become enormously popular in the... But the girls sure do my heath a lot of good.

  • No, just no.

  • I would say no, but I look at your profile pic and think it'd work well on you.
    Bootcut would definitely be better though, but if you can only get straight leg so be it.


What Guys Said 2

  • What ever makes you happy dude, it's so common at my school I don't even bat an eyelash when I see them,.

  • I think any skinny jeans are OK I wear them girs and guys who care what people think as long as you are being your self and to tell you some girl like when a guy wears skinny jeans