How can I feel more comfortable?

I hate not wearing at least foundation. I think I look so gross or weird without it. I won't leave my house without at least that on. Only people who see me without makeup are my family, and people I have known for like ever. I'm spending a weekend with the guy I've been seeing and talking to for awhile now. I have already spent one night there, but I got away with not having to wash my makeup off. I know I'll shower and I'm so nervous about what he'll think of me. How can I avoid this or get over this fear :/?


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  • I've always preferred girls who don't wear any makeup. Something about even foundation just never really clicked with me well and I've always appreciated the au naturale look. In your case, if you are spending over night with him and you two are getting serious then it shouldn't matter if you wear make up or not, he should find you just as attractive and want you just as much or more without makeup on.


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  • There's no way that you'll dramatically look different without your makeup. Besides, a guy once told me that he thought girls were too neurotic about their looks. He told me, "If I'm with a girl, it's because I like everything about her. If I thought there was even a hint of a dealbreaker, she'd be gone." No worries, hun. If he's with you, he'll still care about you even if he sees you without makeup on.

  • I'm sure you are gorgeous..

    He'll probably won't even notice anything bad about you if you don't have make up..

    He may be more awe with you not wearing any.. If your comfortable being around him..I'm sure you will be too without wearing any make up near him.

    Try putting face lotion on instead of foundation after your shower or washing your face.