What are the Pros/Cons of half shaved hair and any advice?

After seeing the new Hunger Games Movie "MockingJay", I fell in love with Natalie Dormer's new half shaved hairstyle i.dailymail.co.uk/.../...500000578-551_634x791.jpg and wanted to try it out myself probably around my 16th birthday in May. Im African American and im afraid that if I get my head shaved my natural afro will grow back and it will look tacky with one side being straight and the other natural, any tips for this? Should I keep it shaved or perm it again? Also my hair is really short, it used to be unhealthy so I had it cut, now my hair is neck length. Should I buy extensions or wait for my hair to grow out by May?

This question is clearly meant for girls but I'm not stopping guys from commenting, I also don't care If any of you think I should get it or not, That's not even in my question, read it next time


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  • She looks like she has been through alien abduction. Since you have a fro, don't shave your head to the skin (too cold for that). You want to keep at least a quarter inche of hair and just brush it down with edging gel. Get well acquainted with buzz clippers, so that you can do clean up yourself. I'll never recommend box perms other than Japanese straight perms.
    edging gel that is good.

    • I agree with the perming, box perms are all I can afford now but I may switch to japanese when I can afford it

    • Still, good luck with yourself expression :)


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  • Pro: It is your personal style and it makes you feel good about yourself. It looks good when you keep it updated or cut.
    Con: Not every one can pull it off. Once the hair at that section is buzzed, that is it, you can't reverse it. You have to maintain it in order for it to look good.

  • Not everyone can pull it off, sadly enough even you can't sakura :/

    • For one you don't even know what I look like so your comment doesn't even make sense and second I never asked if I should get it or not :)

    • Lol someone doesn't the joke I said that because I can't see you
      The only serious part of my comment was before the comma

  • The pro- You think its good and can make you feel good about yourself. That good feeling of ''you can do whatever you want''.

    The con- It's damn ugly haircut.

  • Just don't. It's a pain.


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  • It's winter and it's cold, you'll feel it.
    The upkeep is annoying as fuck.
    It takes ages to grow it out whenever you decide you no longer want it.
    Yeah, your hair will drgrow back naturally.

  • Mmm.. I'd definitely wait for it to grow before doing that.