Is it weird to dress classy/preppy to high school?

Typically I go to school in pretty regular attire (T-shirt, jeans/sweat pants and about 80% of the time this time around a scarf) but mostly at least once a week I try to actually make myself look decent so this is my usual "preppy" outfit Too much? I usually wear different color variations of this outfit when i decide to dress nicely but is it weird that I'm coming to school In a dress shirt and tie? ALSO quick question, Is it seen as gay/weird/femine to wear a white knitted scarf? I usually tie in in a braid knot and I think it looks great but my friends say otherwise and obviously I dress up to impress other people.
See for yourself What do you think?


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  • Express yourself. Do what you wanna do while it is allowed.


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  • ABSOLUTELY NOT WEIRD! Dress the way you want you should express yourself! Who cares what others think if you want to dress that way go ahead :)

  • Wear what makes you happy! That style totally suits you too. Please, only wear the scarf when the weather's appropriate though... And don't wear it with a t shirt. That's what this one guy in my class did last year. He wore the same scarf almost every time with a t shirt.. Even in the spring when it got warm. I mean, kudos to him for having the confidence, but under the circumstances it was a bit strange.


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