Do girls like it when someone calls them beautiful, hot, or sexy?

so yeah, jw...

I've heard that some girls hate it when people call them Sexy or Hot...

Whadda you think?


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  • i would like it when a guy would pick out of one of those three words, it woul dbe beautiful and I have gotten that said to me :-) *smiles*

    i hate being called 'hot' because idk, it's not as nice as being called beautiful. being called 'hot' just objectifies me .

    it depends on what situation it is I guess. if I'm with my friends and they say my out fit is sexy when we're going out then depending on where we are at, it's just too much if some weird random guy calls me sexy the first time he meets me.

    i would rather be called beautiful


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  • "Hot" and "sexy" imply that a guy is only thinking of you physically. "Beautiful" means more than that, which is why I would prefer it.

  • all can be good depending on the context...but for most cases definitely beautiful...another good one is gorgeous...that one works like a charm (on me at least) :)

  • While sexy and hot are still compliments, I would much rather be called beautiful. Beautiful sounds much more respectful than the other two. Also, the word beautiful does not only acknowledge physical appearance, but personality as well. Sexy and hot seem to only focus on how a girl looks on the outside and her body.

  • I don't know about other girls, but when a guy (my boyfriend) calls me hott or sexy I'm like "Oh ok, thanks." When a guy friend says that I get p*ssed. But if any guy sais I'm beautiful I blush, and stutter. :P

  • Ok. I know most of the girls on here said they don't like being called "hot" or "sexy" and I know it's cause some girls feel like they're being looked at like a sex symbol and not a person. totally depends on the guy who's calling you sexy. There's a lot of creeps and guys who just want to fu*k a girl that use "hot" and "sexy" when catcalling.(which by the way, most decent women hate catcalling unless you are able to do it in a funny/cute, not dirty, way.)

    If the guy says it like 'oh wow she's hot', I don't think ANY woman would dislike that. So totally depends on the context.

    Beautiful or cute doesn't mean much to me though. Flowers are beautiful, babies are cute. My favorite word is gorgeous. That is by FAR the most flattering.

    It would be a compliment to me if a guy friend or my boyfriend told me I was hot or sexy. But...not some guys I don't know catcalling down the street.

    I have a question for the guys though...Do you like being called sexy? I would always yell out "hey sexy" when me and my ex-boyfriend would meet up and he loved it. But my most recent boyfriend doesn't seem to like me ever calling him sexy...thoughts?

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  • beautiful, hot, sexy. they are all compliments with good intentions. but terms like sexy or hot are often misinterpereted by females, seeing us guys as pigs who only see the physical aspect of how a woman looks at the moment. it has a lot to do with the context in which it is applied. if your girlfriend bought some new clothes it doesn't hurt to say that she looks hot in that particular shade of blue, or that mini skirt looks sexy on her. but when it comes to a genuine compliment, very few words can be used. you can tell her that she looks stunning , fabulous, gorgeous or whatever comes to mind. but the best way to compliment a girl unprovoked is to let her know just how beautiful she looks at that very moment.

    • Exactly. Coming from someone you love and actually have sex with, it's nice. From others it's just sick. I hate it,

  • I love all the girls on this forum saying they wouldn't like to be called sexy. Come on ladies please be honest, it's anonymous posting you don't have to carry on with the chirade. Girls love to hear that they are sexy because sexy=power. It is the sexy woman that twirl men around and make them do their bidding. Maybe you wouldn't want to be associated with sex appeal as your number one trait, but if you are a smart intelligent woman would you rather be smart or smart and sexy? Probably the latter. If you are not sexy than don't post on this board saying that you wouldn't want to be called sexy because you have never been called sexy before. I doubt any of you would be feeling down if all the men thought you were they sexiest girl on the block.

    • Why not take the advice. No one is pretending anything. Sheesh

  • looks like the answer is beautiful then :)

    it's a lot easier to say gorgeous though I don't know why.

    people take the mick if you say beautiful cus its saounds "gay" and pathetic" apparently!