Guys: Would you go after a young woman who doesn't wear heels and skirts?

I'll be honest, I've tried to do the walking in heels thing. Whether short or long, thin or thick, I just never felt right wearing them; they hurt way too much and I feel I don't have the right "size" of foot to wear them. I'm not fond of them, so I avoid them now at all costs (though I'll say SOME OF THEM look cute!). As for skirts, I've worn them before, but I always felt like I wasn't pretty in them. Plus, I am more comfortable in jeans. I know guys like "shiny" things, and a girl looking pretty with make up and such is considered "shiny", but does it affect you guys to the point of her being attractive or not, and going after her?

Thank you to the guys who responded. It really helped me out :)


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  • While these things look nice and flashy, I don't care if a girl wears these things or not. What matters to me most is what's inside her heart, not her clothes! If she is an interesting person, and I can have a real conversation with her that is stimulating, if she's fun to be around and we have good chemistry, she'll be very attractive to me in my eyes then.

    • You're so sweet! Thank you for being honest :)!


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  • That preference is all dependant on the person it's being asked to. The girl that I am in love with right now is hardly girly girly. I mean that in such a way that she doesn't wear heels or skirts. Rather she will just throw on whatever she wants and walk along side me knowing I don't care if she wears heels or not.

    Obviously sexually speaking that's a different story lol!

    • That's really cool of you :)! Thank you for being honest.

  • I prefer skirts, but almost every woman I know is a tomboy. So I am use to dating women that only wear jeans.

  • I've never seen that before, but I'd be fine with it.

  • I hate heels on a girl and jeans or shorts are fine also


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