Why do girls have to be so catty with one another?

I'm a girl and I still don't understand this because I'm not like this. I get along better with guys because they're not like this either.

Do girls rate other girls less because they truly don't like them, or is it because they're jealous? I don't get it! It sucks being confused about your own gender lol


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  • Girls are catty, that's the just way they are. I also get along better with guys but I do also love my girlfriends. I think it's different when it's girls that you don't know. No one likes to meet a girl who is prettier, taller, etc. And immediately befriend them. It's just not common practice. I hate to say it, but that's just they way girls are sometimes.

    • That makes a lot of sense and is very true! Great answer!


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  • Because those girls are immature and jealous. This is one of if not the most annoying things about women. I've always wondered why they waste so much time thinking about other women. It is why I believe that every woman has a little lesbian in them. I mean I'll admit I have experienced this with men to IN THE 3RD GRADE! Men eventually grow out of this while women remain to be spiteful. You know that 1st girl I dated who dressed me in the flesh colored plastic underwear? Yeah these girls you speak of, she was the worst! It's like they all want to be Paris Hilton. Why follow when you can lead?

    • Lol if I woke up as Paris Hilton one day, I'd shoot myself! It really sucks that you've dated a girl like that I bet it drove you crazy hun.

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  • Yep I agree with you I don't think I ever understood that either I get along with guys better too! I don't know what is it really I'm guessing we do rate one another to see who looks better although in my opinion its kinda stupid!

    • High Five! Do you tend to get along better with the girls that say they don't get along with other girls very well too? Lol ALL my female friends are like that lol it's awesome though because it's totally drama free and we're like sisters!

    • Yep I have a friend just like that and we're almost like the best of friends!

  • Most girls are insecure and unhappy with themselves on some level. I mean, everyone gets insecure sometimes; but for the catty ones, insecurity is a way of life. If you don't like yourself you sure as hell can't have a true friend. That's why I only have 1 girl that I consider a friend and the rest are either guys or associates.