Do you have tattoos? tell us your story?

If you have tattoos, what it's about? what does it mean? how did you find the design? (internet, designed it, customized.. etc) how many tattoos do you have, tell everything and upload pictures if possible


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  • I have three. I've got a bird trapped inside a lantern on my thigh, to symbolize my struggle with my eating disorder. I have an octopus that takes up the majority of my upper arm, and doesn't symbolize a thing, they're just cool as shit.
    And then the most recent is a panda on my shin, to symbolize peace.

    Next up is a black and grey stack of books on my inner forearm, in commemoration of my love of reading & literature.

    • How does a panda represent peace?

    • "The giant panda was thought to be a physical manifestation of the Yin-Yang as its body is both white and black, the two colors standing in stark contrast to one another on the animal’s pelt. The panda’s placid nature is a demonstration of how the Yin and Yang, when perfectly balanced, contribute to peace and harmony."


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  • I have many tattoos. The first ones I ever got were stars on my feet for my 13th birthday. My best friend in the entire world drew them, and each star is slightly different because they represent (at the time) the most important people to me. When I was 14, I got some silly dog paws along my arms. When I was 15, I got a Robert Frost poem along my ribs, on my stomach area. It is very meaningful to me, because it reminds me that I am always changing and that it is okay to be chaotic. When I was 15-16, ish I got a whole bunch of stupid tattoos (I was drunk at the time) and then I got an awesome jellyfish on my ribs for a graduation present (16.) when I was 17, I got a tattoo of the sign for "I love you." it is a very long story, but I basically did it because I reconnected (totally out of the blue) with an angel who has saved my life multiple times, and I owe him my whole world. The last tattoo I got is the double helix DNA strand. It is part of a full DMT sleeve that I am allowing my artist to have complete artistic freedom on, as a way to say thank you for being my artist for the past decade, and also because DMT is very special to me.
    Do you have tattoos?

    • you got your tattoos at very young age, i bet you regret some of them haha :D and yes i have only one tribal tattoo on my neck but i'm planning to get a chinese calligraphy tattoo means ''immortal'' also i'm planning to get half sleeve tribal tattoos and some traditional tattoos :)

    • Honestly, I don't regret any of my tattoos; even the one on my palm. They all have a story behind them, and it makes me happy to think of the stories behind my tattoos. I have only just begun my journey, as I don't even have tattoos on my legs!

  • I won't upload any picture. I have two tattoo. I have a triskelion on my ankles. I also have my mum's birthdate on my ribs.

  • I don't have tattoos.

  • I have 3...


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