How can I trick a girl into going out with me?

So I can take her out for a picnic on the beach, or to a nice theater production (maybe dinner theater), or check out the local art museum, and maybe even help me buy some new clothes since I suck at shopping! lol


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  • dude you can´t or shouldn´t trick a girl.

    cuz that would mean you have to play different around her and that she wouldn´t want the "real" you. so imagine if sth should become of it you woul´ve to become an actor 24/7,

    so ask a girl that you like and that likes you back a& everythin´ll work out.

    Ain´t sayin you don´t need some game plan, but i´m on your side so a girl´s answer fo that will probably help you more.


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  • Don't "trick" a girl into anything, that's how their hearts get broken so easily and then she'll never want you.


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  • Even if you can "trick" a girl into going out with you, it won't matter because if she's not interested in you she won't enjoy herself and nothing you do will change her mind. Unfortunately, life is not like the movies. :/